About the Book - Social change requires relentless incrementalism with both a strong heart and patience. It has no room for ego. It has no room for hierarchies. It demands that we talk with people who are creating or upholding the obstacles in our way. It demands us to be great listeners with the ability to remain curious. How do we hold this space while retaining the ability to function? We engage the six capabilities of a change agent.

No Table Too Small Book Cover 001There is a growing need to overcome differences and find common values by rethinking collaboration and inclusivity. Real and sustained change requires everyone to be at the table, not just the people that we want to work with because of shared views. No Table Too Small walks us through six capabilities that people can use with other individuals, groups, and organizations to effect change in the food system.


There needs to be a shift in how we work and who we work with. There is an art and attitude to social change that is explored in this book. Laura Titzer provides tools and insights based on her personal and professional experiences for those working in the food system to incite change.


Want to become a better food system change agent? A careful and reflective read of No Table Too Small will yield important lessons that will benefit you and your community.” –Mark Winne


In an age of political polarization and entrenched opinions, Laura Titzer argues that the only way we can achieve deep change to our food system is through engaging with those who hold radically divergent opinions. She provides a path forward with strategies and ruminations on the process needed to achieve that change.” –Andy Fisher, Big Hunger


Today’s political and social climate is stymied by polarization and an inability to communicate with–or be understanding of–different points of view. Ironically, when so many aspects of our society are deemed in disrepair, this is the least effective way to bring about change. Instead, we should be looking for ways to build bridges between polarized sides; ways to hear and consider differing viewpoints; ways to find signals of recognition and respect for all parties involved.


Laura Titzer’s book provides a framework to reshape our food system through an inclusive and participatory process that focuses on discussion, finding common ground, and collective organizing. For activists, organizations, or change agents looking to incorporate these techniques into their methodology, No Table Too Small expertly and comprehensively lays the essential steps of true participatory change.”
Loren Cardeli, A Growing Culture



About the Author -  


Laura Titzer, Author, No Table Too Small


I was born in Indiana and received a B.F.A. in Fine Arts in 2003. I currently reside in Seattle where I received an M.A. in Environment and Community. I define myself as a maker, writer and facilitator of essays, prose, poetry, workshops, foods and herbs. I co-founded the Indianapolis Food, Farm and Family Coalition and have worked with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, economic development agencies, associations, extensions, and activist organizations to promote growers and food justice in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. I currently work within the hunger relief system facilitating community initiatives that increase food equity and access while avidly writing poems and essays. I write regularly at my blog the food coup. My focus is on breaking down dominant white culture by facilitating spaces for people to emerge into their best selves and co-create new ways of being. In my free time I like to camp, bicycle, read, and hike.

To learn more about me and my other writing visit: www.thefoodcoup.com


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Confronting entrenched viewpoints to overcome polarity and prompt social change in the food system.





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